For Whom We Ride

We at Stanford Cycling felt it was very important that we do our best to give back to local, Bay Area organizations. Since bikes are so important to us, we wanted to focus on making sure the primarily Black and Latinx communities in the surrounding areas could find peace and joy from the simple pleasure of riding a bike. These are the organizations for whom we ride:

Rich City Rides, founded in August of 2012, focuses on enhancing the lives of the underserved, predominantly Black communities in the city and surrounding areas of Richmond, California through bicycles. Their mission is to battle the health issues that disproportionately affect people of color and those who are economically disadvantaged by making physical activity on the bicycle fun and accessible. They achieve this mission through their Earn-a-Bike and Commuter Cyclist programs, social rides, sponsoring the Kennedy High School Bike Club, bicycle workshops, and community bike shop. Through this work they actively elevate the quality of life for community members by connecting them to that sense of joy and freedom that riding a bike can bring. Learn more here:

OneFam, a 501c3, was founded by Tony Coleman in West Oakland, 1996, in response to the killing of an unarmed Black man, Aaron Williams, by the SFPD. In 2009, OneFam opened a bike shop, Bikes4Life, which is the last Black owned, pre-gentrification business on the block. The bike shop provides affordable access to cycling, job opportunities for the formerly incarcerated, group rides, and a source of joy for the community. Bikes4Life has been battling the gentrification invading the Bay Area that has ultimately led to the eviction of countless Black people. Having been the target of eviction themselves, the OneFam organization has led a fundraising campaign to help secure the critical location of the bike shop in the heart of the underserved West Oakland Black community. Learn more here: and

Trips For Kids Marin’s primary aim is to make sure that all children have the chance to experience the inner peace and happiness that comes from mountain biking in local nature preserves. Since their formation in 1988, this nonprofit has served more than 200,000 Bay Area kids, with over 50% of those impacted being Black or Latino. Through their advocacy, they help make biking accessible to families who would otherwise never know about cycling as a fun way to exercise while gaining  a sense of empowerment and freedom. Their programs also give youth a safe place to go after school, where they can gain a supportive community, learn about physical health, and gain valuable experience for future employment. Their programs include organized trail rides, Earn-A-Bike program, and Mobile bicycle workshops. Learn more here:

Live In Peace, an organization based in East Palo Alto which – among other programs – has a bike shop devoted to providing youth with bicycles, and teaching vocational skills through project-based-learning.  Live In Peace also aims to support local youth academically through high school, gap year, and college programs. Learn more here:

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